Monday, December 13, 2010

Growing business online – “Keyword Strategy”

Business owners and marketers are challenged with more pressure than ever but with less time and resources to grow their business. Let us explore a strategy that can help them overcome the challenges.

A “Keyword” is a word or phrase that is relevant to your business and can help a customer/consumer find you through search engines like “Google.”

While it is difficult to ascertain which keywords are most relevant for people to find your business, the popularity and competitiveness of some keywords vis-à-vis your business can be determined. The same can be used as an yardstick in measuring the number of visitors to your website.

Create a list of 4-6 keywords relevant to your business. The keywords you choose should be “out-of-the-box” and yet be relevant. Usual words such as ‘marketing’ or ‘business’ are very competitive, making it harder to rank well for them. The greater the volume of searches on a keyword, the more competitive it is.

You should find a balance between relevance and difficulty. Choose 2-3 keywords that match your business well. Note that these keywords do not have to be perfect at first. You can try out different ones to see which work the best.

Design and optimize your website around your keywords.

Now that you’ve picked your keywords, you should incorporate them into your website. My next post above will talk more about this.